Board Meetings

As part of our commitment to transparency, wherever possible, we are now publishing reports of the Board meetings, starting with December’s. These should give everyone a good understanding of the key priorities, projects and discussions, without breaching commercial and personal confidentiality.

Report on the Bath City FC Board Meeting

23 September 2019


Directors: Jon Bickley, Nick Blofeld, David James, Shane Morgan, Andrew Pierce, Martin Powell, John Reynolds, Joy Saunders, Paul Williams

Financial Adviser: Chris Coles

Observers: Carole Banwell, Bob Chester & Paul Brotherton (Society)

James Taylor, Vicky Windsor, Barry Pollen & Phil Tanner attended for item 1 only. 

  1. Re-Development


James Taylor spoke about the Financial Viability report (FVR) which had been circulated prior to the meeting. The planning application is now expected to be decided at the Planning Committee’s November meeting.

It was agreed that the Redevelopment Working Group should meet to discuss the report which is the last element of the planning application.

The planning consultation has now finished with 876 responses of which about 800 were positive. Vicky explained that this shows an unprecedented level of support and will feature largely in the report to the planning committee. There are ongoing conversations and discussions with some councillors and officers to get a view of issues and likelihood of success.

Phil outlined a likely timetable on what must be done once the green light is given.

Vicky outlined various ways of creating positive PR in the week leading up to the committee meeting. She explained that Creatrix will create a summary leaflet for the planning committee members a week before, covering all the key points, and outlined how the committee hearing is organised.

Carole has been in touch with various clubs and a visit to Forest Green Rovers was lined up to view their facilities.


There was an update on meetings with certain local clubs and Barry was asked to circulate a spreadsheet to establish accurate costs per potential venue (including facilities/floodlights etc) and pros and cons of each.

  1. Foundation Update

Helen Donovan was unable to attend and will join the Board at an upcoming meeting. An update was provided within the Community item. 

  1. Football update

Paul explained that Jack Batten’s operation was successfully carried out and he has now started his rehabilitation programme. He gave an update on the progress made by Dan Ball and Frankie Artus and on the latest situation regarding various loanees.

Owura Edwards is with us for the season and Harvey Smith was signed for a further month on  loan.     

  1. Finance update

Paul circulated the Profit & Loss accounts for August 2019 with comparisons for 2018 explaining that the overall figures are similar to the previous year with an increase in rental income. This is because the additional Curo rent started in September 2018 and there have been increases in Crossfit & We buy any car in this quarter from last year.

He also explained in detail the figures for bar sales, merchandise and programme costs and bank interest charges.

  1. Actions from last Board, Previous Board Meeting Minutes

          The minutes were signed off.

Proposed John Reynolds

Seconded Paul Williams 

  1. Society update – Paul Brotherton

The Society is in the process of implementing online registration to ease its complicated membership structure. This should go online in the next month and will help with renewals.

A sub-committee is looking at the constitution, with members invited to offer input on areas such as elections to the Board.

The Society were asked to give advance notice of committee meetings so that the Club’s directors can schedule attendance.

  1. Working Group updates


Joy explained that she had worked closely with the Foundation and Carole to deliver the recent Community Day. She outlined ongoing work carried out based on offering resources, facilitating connections and helping the less advantaged in our community.


Jon explained the proposal to market the John Reynolds Lounge and re-launch children’s birthday packages.

It was hoped that over 100 children from five local schools will be coming to the Dorking match having been invited by Jerry and Martin at their recent assembly visits.

Bob reported that all was going well on the commercial front and shared the latest figures.


Shane explained that the recent floodlights problem had been fixed by Phil Weaver and Ken Norris. They had been publicly thanked in his recent programme notes, in the newsletter and on social media.

Sales & Marketing (2000BC)

Jon shared a full 2000BC Board Report provided in advance of meeting, explaining that there was a review of spends and campaigns to ensure we are getting the most out of them.  

  1. Any Other Business

It was reported that Jerry is working closely with the Foundation to implement their coaching programme. 

  1. Date of Next Meeting

21 October



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