Board Meetings

As part of our commitment to transparency, wherever possible, we are now publishing reports of the Board meetings, starting with December’s. These should give everyone a good understanding of the key priorities, projects and discussions, without breaching commercial and personal confidentiality.

Report on the Bath City FC Board Meeting

8 April 2019


Directors: Jon Bickley, Nick Blofeld, Sally Harris, David James, Shane Morgan, Andrew Pierce, Martin

Powell, John Reynolds, Paul Williams

Observers: Carole Banwell, Bob Chester

Adviser: Chris Coles

Phil Tanner for item 1

Michael Clayton for items 1 – 4

  1. Redevelopment

Phil updated on the new drawings received that afternoon from FWP, produced following the latest club design team meeting (25th March 2019).

Phil then took the meeting through the tweaks made to the internal design. These included:

Redrawing of the office / shop area to provide a shop front / ticket office, and additional rentable office space; reduced bin store area; increased furniture and beer store; self-contained gym with own changing facilities and a bar in the community centre space.

There was also discussion regarding the concourse kiosks fit-out and storage requirements for 3G activities and whether the fire doors on the directors lounge opened correctly (ie in compliance with fire regulations).

Finally the earth bank behind the new stand had been raised in the 25th March meeting as a bit of a waste, as that area could provide very useful, usable additional space. Adapt had since confirmed that a form of words could be used in the application which would leave flexibility for this kind of use.

There was unanimous acceptance of the drawings as now provided, but with the following provisos:

  1. That they are within the original costings
  2. That they are checked for compatibility with 3G activities

A sub-group was formed to provide final approval once those confirmations are obtained.

A draft of the business plan as provided by The Sports Consultancy (TSC) was circulated ahead of the meeting. It was created using source figures provided by the club and completed with model figures provided by TSC. 

Redevelopment Comms: A letter to residents and a press release have been prepared, both of which we’ll send out upon submission. Carole has drafted a list of influencers and other contacts, which everyone can add to accordingly, and we will then make contact directly, asking for their support, or encouragement of others.  The consultation data showed 74% in favour of the redevelopment overall.

The Club plus Strides and Creatrix are presenting tomorrow to the Bath Preservation Trust.

  1. Community update

Sally regretfully intends to step down from both the Foundation Board of Trustees and the Club Board due to personal commitments at the moment. She will do a full handover, both written and practical for her successor. She expressed how fantastic she’s found it being involved, and how she’s not disappearing altogether – and hopes to return more fully in future. But for now she simply can’t give the commitment the office requires. The last thing she will do before stepping down is lead the Amnesty Football Welcomes initiative planned for the Easter Monday game.

There was unanimous regret and understanding for Sally’s decision and gratitude for her contribution.

Sally provided a Foundation update:

The name will be changed to simplify it and improve the link with the Club

Jerry Gill is delivering sports and healthy living sessions in schools – together with Geoff Stevens, the Foundation Project Manager

Girls football sessions are expanding

The Man vs Fat initiative and an adult mental health football project are also progressing.

  1. Football Update

Paul provided an update on players’ injuries.

Pre-season friendlies have been arranged with Bristol Rovers and Exeter City. Others are in discussion.

Sam Pearson a work experience player has arrived from Bristol City.

Kit designs were passed around, with a bespoke pinstripe effect home shirt, and purple, red, and yellow and blue designs proposed for the away shirt.

  1. Society / Board complementary meetings attendance, length and rotation of terms of directors.

Michael led the discussion. It was agreed that 2 of the 6 Society elected Board positions will be subject to an election each year at the Society’s June AGM – starting this June 2019.  This, in effect, provides each Society elected Board member with a default 3 year tenureship (once the first cycle is completed).

No decision was made on a route for selection.  Anyone considering standing down is requested to contact Michael. If there is no one we will revisit the topic to decide how to select the two.

It was also agreed that there should be complementary attendance by Club and Society representatives at each other’s board / committee meetings to ensure clear and accurate comms/understanding. To this end Jon had recently attended a Society meeting. Going forward, subject to diaries, the Club director attending Society meetings would be selected in simple alphabetical order. The Society will determine which of their committee members attends Club board meetings.

It was agreed  that it needed to be clearly established in advance what the expectations / rights of the visiting representative were at the meetings they attended as a guest, including when / whether to leave the meeting. 

  1. 3G

There was an update from David James who explained that there needs to be development on the wider redevelopment timings before picking up the pace on the funding for 3G again.

We still have an unconditional commitment of a six figure sum from a supporter of the project.

  1. Actions from Last Board Meeting / Previous Board meeting Minutes
  1. Various versions of the business plan have been produced and will be presented at the next Board meeting.
  2. Nick and David are planning to discuss the re-development with the local council.
  3. An announcement on Jerry’s new contract has been prepared.
  4. The filling in of potholes in the ransom strip has been completed.
  5. Helen Donovan will be invited to the next Board meeting.

Nick asked for acceptance of the March minutes – Paul proposed and John seconded.

  1. Key Working Groups updates/issues to resolve

Football & Finance:

Football – covered above


Ahead of the meeting Paul provided the Profit & Loss figures to 31/03/19


In addition to the report circulated ahead of the meeting Jon showed Simon MacTaggart’s new advertising concept.

He also intends to put a proposal to a local organisation offering them sponsorship of the schools programme. 


A report was shared by Bob ahead of the meeting.

There was a discussion regarding the date and venue for the end of season awards evening.

Operations WG:

Shane and Paul are working on alternative stewarding plans in the event the club is promoted – level 5 qualified stewards would be required.

  1. Any Other Business
  1. Paul informed everyone about the League dinner coming up on 8th June.
  1. Martin said that the Supporters Club will arrange “home” coach travel when we are ground-sharing away from TP during the redevelopment.
  1. Shane reminded about the Supporters Club Quiz on 12th April.
  1. Date of Next Meeting

Monday 20th May 2019 at 7pm in TR Hayes Lounge, Twerton Park.



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