Board Meetings

As part of our commitment to transparency, wherever possible, we are now publishing reports of the Board meetings. These should give everyone a good understanding of the key priorities, projects and discussions, without breaching commercial and personal confidentiality.

Report on the Bath City FC Board Meeting

Monday 27 April 2020
(Video/Conference call)

Present: Nick Blofeld (Chair), Martin Powell, Paul Williams, Andrew Pierce, Shane Morgan, Jon Bickley, Michael Clayton, Joy Saunders, John Reynolds

Financial Adviser: Chris Coles

Observer: Bob Chester. Carole Banwell is currently furloughed

  1. Financial situation update

Paul reported that outstanding debtors had been paid and that the lockdown grant funding from BANES was imminent. He updated on the latest bank balance and likely rental income and gave a projection of the general overhead costs and invoices which need to be paid for the coming months.

There are several Blood Donor sessions booked in for April and May. Other sources of income include season ticket money, the Premier League grant, sponsorship draw and lottery money.

Fundraising remains on hold. We will be in a better position to understand when we need to trigger long-term sustainable funding by the May Board Meeting, when there will be further clarity on both the furlough scheme and hopefully the new football season.

Further work has been done on a share issue, confirming that it needs to be Community shares, rather than Bath City FC Ltd shares. There will be a couple of months lead time to set that up. We are still in a position to start Crowdfunding within a week when needed.

Ideally, we would have provisional budgets based on assumptions 1) there is no football until December and 2) the new season starts in September, with variable income assumptions, although we are very much feeling around in the dark. The only guaranteed income is from season tickets and the football league grant and we must assume low attendances to start with hwen the new season starts.

Social distancing will no doubt also be an issue for players and officials.  Discussions regarding the 2019-2020 season are still ongoing within the League. The League hopes to consult teams later this week on possible suggestions, which Paul will circulate. As players’ contracts for this season will finish midnight next Saturday, it’s anticipated the League will come to a decision by then.

Paul explained that all present players have been sent further information about their furlough agreement and confirmed which players are under contract for next season

  1. Redevelopment

Nick has had a very open and positive call with BANES.

Greenacre are open to us looking at how we can change the cost of the project, rather than solely pursuing an appeal.

A working group needs to be ready to make key decisions on the FWP work.  As time is short, it will need to be agile with very clear terms of reference, although it’s unlike there will be many options to consider. The previous Redevelopment Working Group is the obvious starting point with the Society included for speed of response. There was agreement on the makeup of this group.

We need further communication with supporters to confirm we are still working on a solution.

It was confirmed that the Club’s debt is due to be paid off in May 2022. 

  1. Supporters and Society Updates

Martin reported that those supporters he has been in contact with and those on social media remain positive.

He recently wrote to David Mann’s daughter on behalf of the Club and Jerry dialled into the funeral.

A group of volunteers continue to contact elderly and vulnerable supporters. Joy has shared links to relevant local organisations.

Michael confirmed that the Society’s AGM has been officially postponed to September. It is still to be decided which Board member needs to be re-elected.

The Society is working on a comms strategy and other options to increase membership and thereby the pool for volunteers/Directors and is planning a Zoom session with Q&As for June.

250 lapsed members’ details have been imported into MoJo with a view to re-engaging with them.

Committee meetings are continuing on the last Thursday of the month via Zoom.

  1. AOB

Joy recommended that we continue to support the Football Foundation as the Club’s Charity of the Year and this was agreed unanimously.

John thanked Paul, Shane and Andrew for their great effort in keeping everything going, which was echoed by the meeting.

Date of Next Meeting: Monday 25th May

Meeting ended 8:23pm.


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