Board Meetings

As part of our commitment to transparency, wherever possible, we are now publishing reports of the Board meetings, starting with December’s. These should give everyone a good understanding of the key priorities, projects and discussions, without breaching commercial and personal confidentiality.

Report on the Bath City FC Board Meeting

20 May 2019


Directors: Jon Bickley, Nick Blofeld, David James, Shane Morgan, Andrew Pierce, Martin

Powell, Paul Williams

Adviser: Chris Coles

Apologies: John Reynolds

Observers: Carole Banwell, Bob Chester, Michael Clayton

Guests: Vicky Windsor (Creatrix) and James Taylor (Adapt) both by phone for item 1; Helen Donovan (Foundation) for items 1-2 and Jerry Gill for items 1-3

  1. Redevelopment

Vicky advised on the post-planning submission process and actions and gave a brief update on the political changes in BaNES and the potential effect of these upon our plans.

PR materials (a flyer, a letter to all neighbours and an email to those who’ve requested updates) are being prepared and will be released by Creatrix once the planning application has been validated and number has been allocated.

The Club will also carry out its own PR in the form of social media updates, messages to our own mailing lists (supporters and shareholders) and direct appeals for support to named individuals on an Advocates List prepared and held by Carole.

There will also be a petition that we’ve started collecting signatures for, and this is needed by the planning consultant.

The Statement of Intent (SoI) that we’ve jointly drafted with Creatrix is strong, easy to read and a very important document in getting our message across. The advice from Vicky was to share it widely.

We will agree in July who we should send to speak to the committee.  We will have three minutes and can either send three people to speak for a minute each, or one to speak for three.

It was agreed that the Advocates List is redistributed for updating, that the signed off SoL be added to the club’s website and that Creatrix provide ‘coaching’ for Board members.

  1. Foundation Update

Helen provided a very positive and upbeat update on the Foundation’s activities, key achievements and future risks and challenges. The Foundation is newly invigorated and now engages with around 150 children per week.

She confirmed that the name change (to Bath City Football Club Foundation) is now registered.

She noted that Jerry Gill’s increased involvement has been a huge contributor to the recent new impetus.

Jerry announced that a charity cricket match has been arranged between BCFC and Bath Rugby at Bath Cricket Club on Tuesday 23rd July, with proceeds to be split between BCFC  Foundation and Bath Rugby Foundation.

  1. Football Update

Jerry provided a review of a successful season and confirmed that next season’s ambition was a top three finish. This was endorsed by the Board.

He explained that he has had some strong applications for the post of physio.

  1. 2019/20 Budget

Paul led the initial discussions with material input from Chris.

It was agreed that there was scope for higher projections in a number of areas, in particular pre-season friendlies revenue and regular season football revenue.

A sub group will convene to create a second draft, after canvassing potential  donors and seeking possible contributions from the Supporters Society.

  1. Actions from Last Board Meeting / Previous Board meeting Minutes

There has been consultation with Cross Fit over the redevelopment designs and this will be extended to the Foundation.

An application has been received for the role of Community Director. 

Nick asked for acceptance of the April minutes, following one amendment. Paul proposed and John seconded.

  1. Board Directors Rotation and Community Director Update

Joy Saunders of St John’s, Julian House and Iconoclast Global has now had substantive conversations / meetings with Nick, Chris, Michael and Helen, and is endorsed by all as an outstanding candidate for Community Director.

She has produced an excellent document setting out her thoughts and vision on how she would approach the role, with the focus on various “pillars” supporting the whole.

She will be appointed on an interim basis now,  then stand for election at the Society AGM on 25th June. Carole is already in conversation with Joy on how to take things forward. This early interim appointment will a) fill the vacuum to keep momentum up and b) give her a platform to support her candidacy for the formal election at the Society AGM.

Sally Harris won a prestigious award at last week’s West Women of the Year Awards, organised by Reach plc, “Most Inspirational Woman in Sport”. A fantastic achievement and congratulations are formally recorded.

The need for a second director to step down / put himself forward for re-election at the AGM was discussed.

  1. Key Working Groups updates/issues to resolve


Bob was congratulated for a record breaking year.  There was some discussion on how the links with Bristol Airport could be further developed during the second year of its shirt sponsorship and it was agreed that David and Bob will draft a proposal.

  1. Any Other Business

It was agreed that formal thanks be recorded to the relevant volunteers now the planning application is in.

It was agreed that the core team from the club to lead the redevelopment discussions with the council will be Nick, Paul, David and Carole.

We need a new Stadium Announcer as Mark Stillman is moving to London. It was agreed to advertise in the usual channels.

  1. Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 25th June 2019

Report on the Bath City FC Board Meeting

25 June 2019


Directors: Nick Blofeld, David James, Shane Morgan, Andrew Pierce, Martin Powell, Paul Williams, Joy Saunders

Apologies: John Reynolds, Jon Bickley, Chris Coles, Carole Banwell, Bob Chester

Observer: Michael Clayton

Joy was officially welcomed and introduced to the Board in her interim role, pending formal appointment at the Supporters Society AGM.

  1. Redevelopment

Nick gave a general update on the positive number of comments online in support of the application versus those against – c740 pro vs c30.  Creatrix have described this as “unprecedented,” so good news but still a long way to go. Everyone was encouraged to ensure they and their friends and connections had been online and supported us.

The online element ends on 4 July, although the petition that we have started can run beyond that final date.

Joy has now met with a local councillor. With her being new to the Club and project, it is a good opportunity to listen afresh to the issues and explain the rationale for how we got to where we are, and also suggest any potential solutions.  

The idea was raised of putting some key images/elements of the plan on display in Rose Cottage and let people know about it.

The council has been sent the Knight Frank report on the demand and supply of student accommodation in Bath, with a covering note from the club.  The note and report explains the need for more student accommodation on-going, and Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) won’t guarantee students moving out of Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMOs), but it will reduce the growth in HMOs in future (thus freeing them up for families).

The updated Business Plan has been submitted to the council, and we had drafted an updated covering letter to accompany it (highlighting again the financial predicament we are in if the development doesn’t go ahead).

  1. Football Update

Paul gave an update on recruitment so far, we have signed 14 players and talking to a few more which are close to being finalised.

Talks continue to fill the vacant physio position.

Preparations for the pre-season weekend at the University of Bath have been completed.

Training is highly likely to stay at Filton for the coming season.

  1. 2019/20 Budget

The second draft of the budget has been completed, with input from Paul, Jon, Chris and Andrew.

The Supporters Society have also received this information and we await their response via Michael.

The 18/19 financial performance was a record, and Nick congratulated everyone on the team effort in achieving this.  This was driven largely by gate receipts and the regular rent from CrossFit, webuyanycar and CURO.

There was a discussion about how Jerry’s style of football and winning matches had help give the club more confidence, which all helps in the good commercial performance across the board.

The issue of how we could better promote and develop the pledge to help the playing budget was raised  and Bob and David will meet to discuss how this can be achieved.

  1. Actions from Last Board Meeting / Previous Board meeting Minutes
  1. A meeting has been held with Bristol Airport on ways in which it can further support the club as part of its sponsorship deal.
  2. It was agreed that there should be another round of season reviews from each Working Group as this worked very well last year.
  • Shane proposed and David seconded accepting the minutes as accurate.
  1. Any Other Business
  1. David explained that a sub committee have discussed ways of easing the congestion on matchdays in the TR Hayes Lounge and one of the solutions might be to make greater use of the John Reynolds Lounge. There was agreement that this should be further explored at the next meeting of the Hospitality group on 4 July.
  2. Shane reported that the recent Security Advisory Group (SAG) meeting went well and that there is no change to the ground capacity of 3528 for the coming season.
  • Paul has sent a letter to the league to confirm we meet the requirements for our ground grading again this season;
  1. It was pointed out that when a new Stadium Announcer is appointed Shane will need to brief him/her on safety issues.
  1. Date of Next Meeting

Monday 22nd July 2019


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