Board Meetings

As part of our commitment to transparency, wherever possible, we are now publishing reports of the Board meetings, starting with December’s. These should give everyone a good understanding of the key priorities, projects and discussions, without breaching commercial and personal confidentiality.

Report on the Bath City FC Board Meeting

25 November 2019



Directors:  Nick Blofeld, John Reynolds, Paul Williams, Shane Morgan, Andrew Pierce, Jon Bickley, Martin Powell

Financial Adviser: Chris Coles

Guests: Helen Donovan, Chair of Foundation Trustees; Vicky Windsor, Creatrix; Paul Duffen, CEO Greenacre (items 1 + 2 only)

Observers: Carole Banwell, Bob Chester, Michael Clayton

Apologies: Joy Saunders

  1. Foundation update

Helen gave an update explaining that the Foundation is flourishing, now reaching over 570 beneficiaries, and is now closely aligned with BCFC. It has recently launched a redesigned logo.

The Foundation has been shortlisted for the Football Association Community Engagement award in December.

Beneficiaries include:

7 primary and 2 secondary schools plus one special school
Afterwork sessions on the Rec organised with Bath Mind
Mencap & Bath Welcomes Refugees
A new girls’ pathway for Key Stage 1 to 16 yr olds
Adult women sessions
Dream Big, a Twerton family related project

The Foundation is involved in the “Sport for Change” initiative with police and 2 schools, identifying 15 at risk children, providing daytime workshops and evening sessions until next summer.

It is running 4 holiday clubs with a total of 60 children attending.

Helen outlined the current make-up of the trustees and staffing of the Foundation.

  1. Re-Development

The date for the planning hearing is now likely to be in February.

Paul Duffen is keen on a high profile “hearts and minds” campaign and believes it is important that we have exactly the story to do that. He made the point that the Club has worked consistently to help itself and had demonstrated it will explore any opportunity to ensure the club is self-sustaining, in contrast to many clubs’ attitude of  “victimhood”. He emphasised the impact on Twerton, suggesting we focus on how the Club can thrive and prosper through endeavours of committed local people and on how to make the club a “cause celebre” beyond Bath, with a national profile, emphasising that BCFC is “extraordinary”.  The Bath name will also add clout.

It was suggested and agreed that we aim to involve Football Focus and TalkSport and bring together a coalition of the willing. Empowering stories in football are few and far between and Jerry is a very media friendly manager. Various hooks for stories were suggested.

It is vital the Council understands that if the development is not allowed, the Club may be forced to move and it was agreed that supporters should be encouraged to contact their councillors making this and other points.

  1. Football update

Paul’s report was circulated in advance and he gave an update on the present loanees and the injuries situation.

  1. Finance update

Paul shared the latest accounts and there followed a discussion on tackling any possible shortfall over the second half of the season with various suggestions offered.

  1. New Board Director

We are looking to add Commercial & Development/Property expertise to the Board and there was an update on various individuals who have been approached.

Society will have to advertise the role and it will have to go to the vote, but we can do an interim appointment as has happened previously.

There are constitutional arrangements under way, including the ability to appoint for specific roles.  The Society has a generic advert for a Director, and can make it specific for a Commercial role.

MOTION PASSED:  that the Club appoint another Director, subject to it being in accordance with the Society’s constitution and the Shareholder Agreement, to oversee the property development.

Proposer: Jon Bickley, Seconder: John Reynolds For: 6 Against: 0 Abstention:1

  1. Commercial Role

It was agreed to offer the position of media/sponsorship selling to Kartini Sutoto and there was discussion on her contract.

  1. Society & Supporter update

Michael reported that a vote to change the membership subscription fee had been carried. He gave notice of the design consultation with supporters on Saturday and explained that the committee had discussed raising the Society’s match day presence.

Around 30 members attended the recent IGM; feedback at the meeting was encouraging with attendees being engaged and constructive.

  1. Supporter update

Martin reported that a Meet the Manager evening will be held on Monday 9th December with Jerry & Paul. The Supporters Code of Conduct will go on the website and be a programme fixture.

With regard to holding minute’s silences/applause the recommendation is that team managers of the past 40 years and players with a set number of appearances are honoured, with volunteers and supporters at the Board’s discretion.

  1. Actions from last Board, Previous Board Meeting Minutes

Regarding recent instances of racism in football, Jerry is very clear about the necessary procedures and has received guidance from the FA. Shane is happy that the stewards have been adequately briefed.

We will go ahead with an agreement for the catering van to use the car park.

  1. AOB

It was agreed to invite Jerry to the next Board meeting.

There was a widespread feeling amongst those present that the meeting had been very positive with both Helen Donovan and Paul Duffen making excellent contributions.

Date of next meeting – 16 December



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