Board Meetings

As part of our commitment to transparency, wherever possible, we are now publishing reports of the Board meetings, starting with December’s. These should give everyone a good understanding of the key priorities, projects and discussions, without breaching commercial and personal confidentiality.

Report on the Bath City FC Board Meeting

22 July 2019

  1. Redevelopment

1. Relocation

Options for venues during the redevelopment were explored.

The timeline is important for planning relocation and pre-development work. Assuming planning permission is granted in September and not subject to a judicial review, we currently anticipate:

Late September: BANES planning decision. Design team pulled back in.

October-December: Develop spec for tender

December/early January: tender process

May: contractor to start

End of season: final match, move out.

Agreed: a decision on the temporary ground to be made to ensure there is sufficient time to work out how it will work with supporters and ensure enough lead in time for the Supporters Club to arrange match travel.

2. Fit out/Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment

We need to be ready immediately planning permission is granted.

Agreed: Subgroup to support Phil on fitting to start now – Carole, Paul, Barry and Shane – and to come back to board for further input as necessary. Action: Phil & Carole to liaise on meetings.

3. Twerton ‘recycling’

It was agreed that whatever belongs to Twerton Park, including the pitch, has a value and that we should investigate what could be kept/sold?  Agreed: A sub group was formed to look into the details.

4. Crush barriers

Shane explained that the barriers on the north side of the stadium can be moved to another area which should increase the capacity.

5. Gym

Provider not yet been chosen but discussions are underway with CrossFit and others.

6. IT/Comms

Michael to lead as the relevant expert and it was agreed that the requirements should include hotdesking, stadium data, contactless at turnstiles, Customer Relationship Management, ticketing.

7. Pitch

Although a separate project, there will need to be liaison with Greenacre as drainage is within their remit with the spec ideally decided before Christmas. Environmental and health concerns which surfaced relating to 3G over the past few months need to be understood and addressed.

Action: Contact will continue with the University of Bath on the issues with input from other agencies to produce a report for the Council.

8. Community

Joy has spoken to a local councillor with an update on environmental, community cohesion and parking issues. It was agreed that councillors should be invited for a site tour.

9. Supporters

Question arose as to how we ensure supporters voices are heard on the design etc. and it was agreed that Michael and Martin will facilitate.

10. Financial viability statement

This should be available from Greenacre within the week and needs our approval before it goes to the Council as the final part of the planning application.

Phil and Barry left the meeting.

  1. Football update

Paul reported that the recent training camp at Bath University went very well and we were warmly welcomed. There is a very good atmosphere and culture developing amongst the squad.

Further player signings brings the squad up to 19, including loanees.

Paul outlined the size of the League funding for the coming season.

  1. 2019/20 Budget update

Paul shared the projected profit for the year. Season ticket sales are well up on last year and with Bath Rugby’s season starting later than usual there is hope that this will boost the early attendances. There was some discussion on how their supporters could be attracted to these matches.

  1. Actions from last Board, Previous Board Meeting Minutes
  1. Reciprocal Board-Society attendance has been agreed. We need clarity on the role of attendees at the meetings and for the Board to have sight of Society minutes.
  2. Jon & Bob are upping promotion/awareness of the Player Pledge.
  3. Proposals for the JR Lounge Members Bar are being progressed.
  4. Adam Thorn, retiring from Bristol Airport, is to be our new stadium announcer and will liaise with Shane re emergency procedures.
  5. The petition is ongoing and should be handed in the week before the planning committee meets. There has been very positive support so far.

The minutes were signed off – proposed by Martin, seconded by Paul.

  1. Working Group updates


Joy introduced her outline Strategy paper. She has put together a small working group, targeting volunteers they want and working with the Foundation to ensure synergy not duplication. We are reaching out to Rose Cottage and Village Hall.

Sales & Marketing

Jon explained that it is no longer possible to have such close relations with the Southgate Centre as they have had a change in license terms.


Bob shared his commercial report which showed some excellent figures.

David and Bob held a productive meeting with Bristol Airport who will send information about the Club to those on their extensive database. The poster in baggage collection area will go back up after the peak season ends on 24th August.


Shane explained that the Free View Road fence had been removed by Curo following a resident’s complaint to the council, despite it being put up to resolve a safety issue. Joy is speaking to the local councillors in the hope that the fence will be put back.

A report on the cause of the floodlight failure at the Bristol Rovers match has been compiled and a quote received for fixing the problem within a fortnight.

  1. Any Other Business
  1. The Board wished express its thanks to Cheryl Bradley for all her terrific work taking the minutes.
  2. The Board is to make a thank you presentation to stalwart Mark Stillman at his last match.
  • The Hospitality group’s next meeting will take place in September.
  1. Date of Next Meeting

19 August 2019


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