Supporters Liaison


The Supporter Liaison Officer (SLO) is an important link between the Club and its fans. The SLO ensures that fans with a close affinity to the Club, have the opportunity to contact the Club, receive answers to questions and communicate any requests or concerns regarding supporter issues. The SLO’s work contributes to a constructive and communicative atmosphere between the fans and the Club, thus helping to pre-empt any difficulties between supporters and the Club.

“Supporter issues” means the issues and concerns arising from the experience of attending or otherwise following home and away matches. This can include, but is not limited to, ticket prices, access, matchday experience, away travel, information sharing, segregation, opportunities to “meet the manager” etc.

Concerns about the overall strategic direction of the Club or its relationships and role within the community are the responsibility of the Club Chair, while liaison on issues concerning membership and activities of the Society are the responsibility of the Society’s Member Liaison Officer.

Key tasks…

  • Acting as the first point of contact for supporters on supporter issues, listening to the requests and concerns of fans and communicating these requests and concerns to the Club.
  • Maintaining a presence among the fans at home and away matches.
  • Attending Club Board meetings and advising the Board on supporter matters.
  • Acting as a full member of the Board, taking part in the collective responsibility for the strategic direction of the Club.
  • Communicating the position of the Board on supporter issues to fans and informing fans of the Board’s point of view and rationale for decisions.
  • Through constant dialogue with both the Club Board and supporters, assessing critically whether the Club is on the right track in terms of its supporter policy, and advising accordingly.
  • Where there are fundamental differences of opinion between the Club and the fans that could lead to an escalation, taking steps to resolve these differences by way of dialogue.


Supporters can contact me by email on