Twerton Park Accessibility

Bath City FC is a community owned football club and we want to make Twerton Park as accessible as we can for our fans.  This page has some important access information and frequently asked questions, but if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch at


There are 6 accessible parking bays at Twerton Park.  If you would like to reserve one, please get in touch at and we will let you know if this is possible.  Please note that a current Blue Badge is required.

Wheelchair Access

There is a wheelchair accessible entrance at the Bristol End of the stadium which leads to a wheelchair accessible area in front of the Grandstand.  Here are some pictures of the accessible entrance from the accessible parking bays and pictures of the accessible viewing area from the accessible entrance. 

BCFC-Route-to-accessible-entrance-from-accessible-parking-bays  BCFC-Route-to-accessible-viewing-area-from-accessible-entrance

Toilet Facilities

There is a wheelchair accessible toilet by the turnstiles at the Bristol End.  Here are some pictures of the access ramp. 


Personal Assistant or Carer tickets

Supporters who require a Personal Assistant or Carer can apply for a complimentary PA ticket at if they are in receipt of one of the following:

  • Higher rate care component of the Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
  • Enhance Personal Independent Payment (PIP)
  • Higher rate Attendance Allowance
  • Certificate of Visual Impairment

We are constantly striving to make Twerton Park as accessible and welcoming for all our fans as possible.  We would greatly value any feedback or suggestions of how we can improve, so please reach out and let us know if you have any.