Board Meetings

As part of our commitment to transparency, wherever possible, we are now publishing reports of the Board meetings, starting with December’s. These should give everyone a good understanding of the key priorities, projects and discussions, without breaching commercial and personal confidentiality.

Report on the Bath City FC Board Meeting

25 June 2018


Directors: Nick Blofeld, Paul Williams, Jon Bickley, David James, John Reynolds, Shane Morgan, Martin Powell, Andrew Pierce, Sally Harris,

Financial Adviser: Chris Coles

Observers: Carole Banwell, Bob Chester

  1. 3G

Funding.  Chris led the update and summarised the recent meeting of the 3G Group and the structure of the team now working on the fundraising for 3G.  This is focussed on 3 areas: High Net Worth individuals, Institutions (with potential for match funding) and Crowdfunding.

We already have a grant for £100k from an organisation which is happy for its name to be discreetly used with other potential funders, especially those to whom they are already known.  Some of these potential funders were discussed.

We discussed using a professional fundraiser and the authority was delegated to the 3G Group to make that decision and to produce a convincing presentation/sales document. 

  1. Re-Development Update

FWP Group have joined the project team and their remit extended to include a “masterplan” of the site – ie covering the likely pitch movement, and any other implications of the development elsewhere.  They report jointly to BCFC and Adapt/Greenacre.

Paul talked through the key elements of feedback from the Pre Application meeting  and subsequent verbal feedback.  A written report from BANES Planning dept. will follow and be circulated.

There is a follow up meeting on the 6 July, and an initial response to BANES has been sent back.

Nick made the point we are still awaiting more detail on the Community building.  Strides will be providing this shortly, and the Club need to give detailed input/feedback (which will again be led by Phil Tanner, as per feedback on the Grandstand).

Greenacre sent a representative to meet with the Magic Wok.

The Re-Development Working Group has changed with some leaving due to other commitments and have been replaced by three new faces who have the relevant skills and time to contribute.  A new structure will be set up to make it work for the next stage of the process.

There was a discussion about having a non-disclosure agreement for these new people involved, and it was agreed we should have.

Nick explained that he had been sharing info/work to date with Michael Clayton (Society chair), who had also attended some Re-Development meetings and the previous Board meeting.

There was an update on a possible ground sharing with another club during the redevelopment of TP.  It was agreed that this is something that needs more focus and resource to progress and get costings, logistics etc worked through.  A small sub group to assist Paul was set up.

The “key messages” document was shared ahead of the meeting. The issues of student accommodation and the club’s debt situation was added in and the aim is for supporters to both understand the financial challenge and need for development.

It was agreed that we will build a new business plan once the new designs are agreed.

  1. Society/Board Members Election Process

The Society’s AGM was held and the Club Board had good representation there (Jon, Sally, Martin, Shane and Nick), so were able to field a few questions.  There is a delay in the election process, due to technical issues (both online and in physical postal forms), so the process/election has been delayed for c2 weeks.  The 6 Society appointed Club Board Directors were the only ones to apply.  There were only 4 nominations for the 6 Supporters Society roles.

The plan to stagger Board members’ tenure was discussed.

  1. Update and Actions from Last and Previous Board Meeting Minutes

The previous minutes were approved.

  1. Season overview by Working Group Leaders.

It had been agreed that there should be annual Working Group/Department reviews, outlining key achievements, areas to improve and key focus areas for the new season. Some of these reviews were presented and discussed with the remainder booked for the July meeting.  

  • Football & Finance


Jerry has spoken to three possible signings.

A draft football strategy document will be produced by Nick, after meeting and discussing with Jerry.


A review of 2018 accounts was circulated before the meeting showing comparison with income and expenditure in the previous year. 

Paul discussed some of the key player targets and what Jerry would ideally like.  We agreed not to exceed the player budget without funding agreed from elsewhere.

Chris asked if we had seen a recent update on the budget for next season, and it would be worthwhile circulating and reviewing at the July Board.  It was agreed that Paul and Jon will meet to review a draft budget and adjust before circulating in advance of July’s meeting.

  • 1000BC/Sales & Marketing

Jon talked through his document and key priorities, which had been circulated ahead of the Board.  All present were asked to review and raise questions or ideas for improvement.

  • Commercial

David and Bob talked through their thinking and successes.  The Shirt Sponsorship was again a big success, and drawing out Bristol Airport (BA) provided lots of opportunities.  David and Bob will meet BA soon, having brainstormed ideas that might interest them.

Bob said he thinks Community Day now needs a review and this will be carried out shortly.

The schools programme has also gone well and now been handed over to Martin to lead.  12 have booked for next season already. 

  • Operations

Shane talked through the successes and priorities.  The matchday H&S policy was a big step forward, and the Safety Advisory Group were also pleased to see this.  

  • Community

The recent Community meeting went well (notes were circulated in advance).

Sally asked if the Club brand/crest could be used on a community event/programme.  It was agreed in principle, but Shane highlighted the need to check re safeguarding or any other liabilities this might create. 

  1. Any Other Business
  1. It was agreed to call a club AGM after the Supporters Society re-election process had been completed.
  2. Following the close season changes to the assistance provided to the management team on matchdays there was some discussion on how the club would mark the retirement of a key member and how he could still be involved.
  1. Date of Next Meeting

Monday 30 July 2018 – 7pm TR Hayes Lounge, Twerton Park



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