Board Meetings

As part of our commitment to transparency, wherever possible, we are now publishing reports of the Board meetings, starting with December’s. These should give everyone a good understanding of the key priorities, projects and discussions, without breaching commercial and personal confidentiality.

Report on the Bath City FC Board Meeting

17 September 2018


Directors: Nick Blofeld, Paul Williams, Jon Bickley, David James, John Reynolds, Shane Morgan, Martin Powell, Andrew Pierce, Sally Harris

Financial Adviser: Chris Coles

Observers: Carole Banwell, Bob Chester

  1. Redevelopment Update

An update was given on recent communications between Adapt, Greenacre and the club over proposed costs.

The original plans have been amended but still include all the key elements.

The names of the Club’s Redevelopment Working Group were confirmed –  all professional property experts, who are now working on a redesign/value engineering project to develop a deliverable grandstand within costs.

  1. Relocation

Projected figures are being prepared for the loss of income streams when we have to move – eg lower gates and revenue from rent, hospitality etc.

In addition there will be additional costs for renting, laundry, transport and office space.

However there will be some savings including on business rates and utilities.

The Operations, Marketing and Commercial working groups will need input to these figures to ensure everything is covered.

A paper will be prepared to cover costs and how the business will be run (a) while we are away, and (b) when we return.

Possible targets for relocation were discussed and it was agreed that more detail is needed with pros and cons for all the possibilities which should  include transport options for supporters.

A small working group was appointed to create a paper similar to that for the 3G project.

  1. Development Agreement (DA)

Still progressing well, most points agreed. The period allowed between the signing of the agreement and the planning application was explained, along with details regarding the approval of the final settlement account with the contractor.

4. Communication

The press release is now planned for October, with a planning application by the end of the year.

The consultation will be postponed while we take on board feedback received from B&NES and the South West Design Review Panel, plus redesigns.

We are now looking to hold the next community consultation in late October and Creatrix will draft a release to announce this.

It was agreed that we need to be as transparent as possible with our shareholders so there will be close liaison with the Supporters Society.

A Football Club EGM will be needed for DA approval.

  1. Actions from Last Board Meeting

The previous minutes were approved.

The rota for duty directors on matchdays has been introduced and is working well.

Recent problems with the beer cellar have been resolved.

The newly clarified stadium capacity was confirmed.

Improvements to the surface of the “ransom strip” car park are in hand with some levelling already carried out.

  1. Commercial Update

Bob Chester explained that he was in discussions regarding further sponsorship deals for the club and gave details of arrangements for the upcoming Community Day.

These included a very generous donation from sponsors Bristol Airport of four VIP packages, which will be included as prizes in the Supporters Club Match Day Draw at the Welling match. Baggage area 6 now has a poster promoting the club, paid for by the airport and the new Managing Director is to be invited to a match. Bob explained that he is presently in discussions with Bristol Airport about further link-ups with the club.

Bob gave some details on matchday programme sales and the Pledge.

Bob was congratulated for all his efforts and success, and warmly thanked by the board.

  1. Football and Finance


Paul Williams praised the team management and squad for some excellent results, particularly in home fixtures which has had a very positive effect on attendances which are presently 37% up on the same stage of last season.

The board was given an update on various injuries in the squad.

The suggestion was made that it would be good to invite former players to home fixtures to help with promotional activities.


The Board reviewed the accounts circulated.

  1. Community Update

Sally Harris reported that the Dream Big project held for local children over the summer holidays and funded by the Foundation had been a great success and praised Jerry Gill for his involvement. Feedback received so far from parents of the children involved was very positive.

Sally explained that there was a lot of interest from community groups about using the High Street shop.

There was an update on possible community funding for the 3G pitch.

  1. Any Other Business
  • Martin Powell praised the organisation of the post-match interviews in the bar and that they were appreciated by supporters.
  • An update was provided on the renting of car parking spaces and thanks was given to Phil Weaver for helping with the car parking and marking out spaces.
  • There was a brief review of the club AGM, held before the board meeting.
  • There was some discussion on offering incentives for hiring out the bars.
  • There was a reminder that the tenures of the Society appointed Directors need to be staggered. The Society will be asked to recommend a process for this.
  1. Date of Next Meeting

Monday 22 October



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