Board Meetings

As part of our commitment to transparency, wherever possible, we are now publishing reports of the Board meetings, starting with December’s. These should give everyone a good understanding of the key priorities, projects and discussions, without breaching commercial and personal confidentiality.

Report on the Bath City FC Board Meeting

30 July 2018 


Directors: Nick Blofeld, Paul Williams, Jon Bickley, David James, John Reynolds, Shane Morgan, Martin Powell, Andrew Pierce

Financial Adviser: Chris Coles

Observers: Carole Banwell, Bob Chester                  Guest: Helen Donovan (Foundation Chair)

Apologies: Sally Harris

  1. Foundation

Helen Donovan provided a full update on the progress and changes made with the Foundation since she took over as Chair.  It now has a clear vision and focus, and Helen emphasized the desire to be aligned with the Club and be a part of the Bath City “Family.”  She also said that it ought to be our main charitable fund raising focus on matchdays, the Board agreed, and once existing commitments are complete, the Foundation should be whom we raise funds for each matchday.

Helen highlighted the need to raise significant funds, and to employ a Development Manager and Programme Co-ordinator, as she felt this was necessary for the Foundation to develop effectively.  She also was keen to clarify the focus of the Club’s Community WG, to avoid any conflicts.  Nick said that now the Foundation focus was clear, the Community WG should avoid the areas they already covered.

It was agreed to circulate Helen’s presentation to the Board; Bob/David to include key slides into any Club sponsorship type presentations/introductions, as CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) budgets could be spent with the Foundation. 

  1. 3G

Carole and Chris led the update and summarised the most recent meeting of the 3G Group, which now meets monthly.  Detailed updates are provided by Michael Clayton.

We still have a grant from a Foundation for £100k, and another potential £100k that is to be confirmed.

Details were shared of dialogue with various organizations and individuals who may be able to help with funding.

The draft 3G Community Impact document Sally produced was agreed as very strong and has already been used.  Jon and Michael are working on a final marketing document to help sell the project to other potential backers.

The decision on using a professional fundraiser was postponed until the next 3G Group meeting.  There was positive view that they may not be needed after good early progress.

Helen Donovan left the meeting at this point. 

  1. Re-Development Update

A comprehensive email was sent ahead of the Board for all to read and covered the key points, including the Design Review panel’s feedback.

The outstanding points on the Development Agreement are currently being worked on.

Paul talked through the latest thinking on the likely ground move, and a brief document he had produced.  There was some discussion on the likely time it would be necessary to play away from Twerton Park and the need to keep this to a minimum, as this would negatively impact the good momentum gained at the club and also cause problems for supporters travelling.

We will also need to build a whole new business plan once we know what buildings we will have for the long-term.

It was agreed we should keep trying to improve our community engagement and involvement with the project where and when we can.

  1. Society/Board Members Election Process

The 6 Society appointed Club Board Directors were all re-elected, plus the 4 who applied for the Supporters Society.

  1. Update and Actions from Last and Previous Board Meeting Minutes

The previous minutes were approved. 

It was confirmed that the AGM and next Board meeting would be on 17 Sept, with the AGM starting at 1900.  The inaugural Bath City Family meeting date will be confirmed very soon.

  1. Working Group priorities.

The Leaders of the WGs talked through their key successes last season and priorities for this.

Under the discussion around Operations, Shane raised the fact that the capacity at Twerton was now higher after the new barriers had been introduced which led to a new safety certificate.

Andrew highlighted the need for at least two more turnstile operators.  There was also a brief discussion about the long-term challenge of the turnstiles operation going cashless, due to the huge growth in card payments.

It was also discussed that there is a need for another Duty Director on matchdays to assist John Reynolds and it was agreed to draw up a rota.    

  • Football & Finance


Paul commented that the players had gelled well in pre-season and there was agreement

that Jerry had made some good selections in strengthening the squad.

David pointed out what excellent ambassadors for the club the players had been on the Visit Bath film shoot recently.  Carole added that they had also been very good at the club’s Open Day.

The Miles Welsh-Hayes’ move was explained by Paul, and it was agreed on the fee that we should ask for.


The Board reviewed the revised budget circulated.

Season Ticket sales have gone well this pre-season (c200 is the estimated total) and this will help with the cash flow issues

Any Other Business 

  1. Andrew raised the fact that the watering bill is likely to be above budget because of the extremely dry summer. But there was agreement that it was very necessary and that the pitch is excellent, especially compared with some others.
  2. It was agreed to get the go-ahead to fill the holes on the “ransom strip” so this could be used for matchday parking, as we are missing an income opportunity here.
  1. Date of Next Meeting

Monday 17 Sept 2018 – 7pm TR Hayes Lounge, Twerton Park


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