Board Meetings

As part of our commitment to transparency, wherever possible, we are now publishing reports of the Board meetings, starting with December’s. These should give everyone a good understanding of the key priorities, projects and discussions, without breaching commercial and personal confidentiality.

Report on the Bath City FC Board Meeting

4 February 2019


Directors: Nick Blofeld, Paul Williams, David James, Sally Harris, Shane Morgan, Martin Powell
Apologies: Jon Bickley, Andrew Pierce, John Reynolds
Financial Adviser: Chris Coles
Observers: Carole Banwell, Bob Chester
Michael Clayton and Phil Tanner for item 1

  1. Redevelopment

Nick updated on recent redevelopment meetings.

Michael reported that the recent members’ meetings proved productive and effective, ensuring that the Society Committee received the necessary mandate to vote at the EGM the following Monday.

Michael summarised those questions members still have about the designs and was reassured that there will be a further consultation event for all supporters when the detail of the matchday designs will be displayed in large format for all to see and ask questions about.

Michael asked about the process at the consultation events and it was confirmed that club and project team members are present to engage with people attending and answer their questions.  Creatrix devise a feedback form which visitors can then complete and the conclusions are then collated in a report. A “script”/Q&A  is also issued to those attending for the club to ensure consistent answers/messages. Responses to the anticipated Society questions can also be included in that script.

In terms of the wider comms Nick reported back on the Redevelopment comms team meeting from last Friday. A new comms timetable has been set with the next press release imminent, the boards for the final consultation on 20th and 23rd February being created, and the wording for a flyer also being drafted.  The consultation on the 20th is intended to be at the vacant shop unit now it is ready.

Sally is also organising an additional public information event to be moderated by Andrea from Tulip (they also facilitated the very first discussion event in November 2017).  The date is being set but it was agreed it is no problem if it is after the two consultation events at the end of this month.

Phil Tanner confirmed that he was attending all Design Team Progress Meetings and would continue to send the Redevelopment WG a summary of these, including any club actions, after each one. JLL kept the official full minutes of these meetings and Nick felt we should be included in the originating distribution list for these.

Phil also reported that he, Carole and Barry Pollen were meeting on 18th February with Mike Bohndiek (a member of the Bath Rugby/Rec redevelopment project introduced by Carole). Mike has offered a week’s free consulting to the club on the subject of the tech (eg wifi/AV/entry access) requirements for the new building to ensure the correct infrastructure is in place from the outset.

All agreed that Phil was doing an outstanding job for the club in this matter and thanked him for it.

Before departing Michael reminded the meeting that the subject of staggering the board members’ periods of office was still outstanding and needed to be resolved before June.

Action: Michael will send details of a proposed method of staggering periods of office.

Paul summarised the necessary actions which needed to be taken before the development agreement can be signed.


David James now heads up this sub-group. He confirmed that a meeting will be scheduled shortly and summarised recent dialogue with Banes.

  1. Actions from Last Board Meeting / Previous Board meeting Minutes
  1. Paul provided an update on recent contacts with local clubs about relocation. Martin and Barry Pollen will assist him in exploring options.
  2. Sally is continuing to draft a public meeting proposal.
  3. Sally has completed a draft Memorandum of Understanding between the club and BCYFC, including a proposal for their use of Twerton Park for its annual tournament.
  4. Sally has circulated the minutes of the last community WG meeting.

Nick asked for acceptance of the January minutes; Martin proposed and Sally seconded.

  1. Key Working Groups updates/issues to resolve

Football & Finance:


  1. Paul reported that Jerry Gill has as of today agreed his new contract.
  2. Jerry has been awarded VNLS Manager of the Month for January. All agreed this was excellent news and was well deserved.
  3. James Morton’s and Freddie Hinds’ loans have been extended until the end of the season plus any possible play off matches.
  4. Joey Raynes and Robbie Cundy have been selected to play in an FA Selection XI (managed by England C Manager Paul Fairclough) to celebrate Herefordshire FA’s 125 year anniversary. This is also a great credit to Jerry and the players.


  1. Ahead of the meeting Paul provided the profit and loss figures to 31/01/19, with comparison for the previous year. January shows a healthy profit thanks largely to the Torquay and Chippenham successes. YTD comparison shows total revenue up, and all agreed the numbers make good
  1. Paul also reported that the Curo parking arrangement looks likely to continue beyond the originally-agreed date of May 2019, and that discussions were being conducted regarding next season’s team and replica shirts deal. We are currently awaiting designs.

Commercial WG:

Bob reported that arrangements for the shirt sponsorship draw is already underway and Nick requested that details of those businesses who’d previously been involved be circulated so that other people’s contacts could also be added.

Operations WG:

Shane reported back on the Torquay crowd issues and provided a summary of what worked well on the day and what could be improved for future large attendances.

Shane indicated that for future Torquay matches he’d employ more stewards as there had been insufficient on the day to deal with the ejection of pitch invaders.

He’d also look at increasing the security of the sterile area between the two sets of fans – but this would incur a cost to fit the necessary fencing.

He confirmed that the geography of the ground meant that it was not possible to decrease the number of away fans and increase proportionally the number of home fans. (He confirmed the total ground capacity on current licensing terms was 3528, with the away end taking up 1455).

Missiles thrown from the Curo land adjacent to Freeview Road in the southwest corner of the ground had undoubtedly triggered some of the violence which occurred.

Carole reported that the management meeting had already discussed this topic and she had got in touch with Curo. Shane has met with them and they are talking about erecting a higher fence.

In term of risk for the remainder of the season, two fixtures were identified where there is likely to be a larger than average away following – Wealdstone and Woking – but they should present fewer challenges than at Torquay’s visit.

Playoffs are a possibility though and opponents and locations are obviously unknown so we need to prepare early for these.

Community WG

Jerry will now be working for one day each week for the Foundation as Coach Director & Community Ambassador. Carole reported that since the arrival in post of Geoff Stevens, as Project Manager, working relations between the club and the Foundation had improved even more, with Geoff using the club for several Foundation meetings recently, and there being a joint (club and Foundation) presence at a Development (volunteers) Fair up at the university later this week.

All agreed it would be really useful and further cement the bonds for Foundation chair Helen Donovan to attend Board Meetings, maybe quarterly.

Paul reported back on his meeting with John Flynn from the Rec Ground Trust last week. John had expressed how very keen he was on furthering all sport in the city and in particular on making something happen in Twerton.

All other WGs reports shared before the meeting were taken as read.

  1. Any Other Business
  1. David informed the meeting that he has arranged for us to attend the next Lib Dems meeting (25th February) to give a presentation about the redevelopment. David, Nick and Carole will be attending for the club.
  1. Martin raised the issue of the playoffs and the fact it was looking likely the club might reach them. Given some issues experienced the last time the club went up to the 5th Tier it might be prudent to conduct an early examination of the possible consequences of promotion.

The meeting agreed and Paul and Shane were asked to draft a discussion document.

  1. Chris wanted to emphasise again the great team performances over the last few months, and how he’s noticed the buzz spreading throughout the city.
  1. Date of Next Meeting

Monday 4th March 2019 at 7pm in TR Hayes Lounge, Twerton Park.



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