Your chance to win £1,000 every week and support your Club

Since our first draw with the Goldline Draw on 18th December, over 300 supporters have helped raise over £2,200 of much needed revenue for the Club.

You can join today for the chance to win £1,000 every week and start helping now.

We’ve already had THREE supporters win £250 along with another 10 winners each receiving £25 – that’s a total of £1,000 paid out to the lucky City fans.

In the last few weeks alone Michael Clayton, former Chairperson of the Bath City Supporters Society, was a lucky winner of £250, as was Terence Cook.

£250 winners Michael Clayton (above) and Terence Cook (below).

The present number of 337 entries will bring in over £12,000 a year to the Club.

BUT what if we had 500 entries per week? That would mean £18,000 a year.
700 entries a week would make over £25,000.

If you haven’t joined already, the Goldline Lottery is an easy way to give a little regularly and have the chance of winning – just like Michael and Terence. It only costs £4.34 a month with 70p in every £1 going straight to the Club.

Find out more or download the Application Form now.

Of course we know lotteries aren’t for everyone and individual circumstances may not allow, but this newsletter goes out to approximately 3,000 mailboxes and if just 10% could respond by joining the Goldline Draw we’d be well on the way to that £25k. Join now

The support from our fans and businesses since the pandemic started has been outstanding and very much appreciated. Whatever way you support Bath City, thank you.