Bath City Goalden Gate 1,000

Let’s get 1,000 entries in Bath City’s Goalden Gate Lottery

Just over three years ago the club formed the 1000BC group with the hope of getting attendances up to the 1,000 mark for home games when the average was just over 600. Some people regarded this with scepticism and a rather optimistic target, but due to the hard work of many people around the club and the major ingredient of Jerry Gill and his brand of progressive football, this ambitious target has been met in both the past two seasons.

Now let’s see if the wonderful fans of Bath City FC can rise to the challenge of another target. If we could get 1,000 entries each week in the Goalden Gate Superdraw that would mean that the club would earn £23,400 per year, as 45p of every £1 goes directly to the Club. There are over 60 cash prizes each week so not only are you helping your Club but are also giving yourself a chance to win some cash for yourself.

Many clubs at our level and above use outside agencies to run a lottery for their club and Goalden Gate has proved over the past four years what an efficient and effective partner they are in helping Bath City FC raise much needed cash.

We now have just over 400 entries into the draw each week. Are you willing and able to help us get to the target of 1,000 entries each week? It’s a big leap, but so was 1000BC – and we got there thanks to you.

If so then please join online here

It costs just £4.34 per month and if you join we hope that you are a winner soon – like many Bath City supporters have been before you.