Play-off Crowdfunder Heroes – The Fans

The Crowdfunder is now approaching £52,000, covering the costs of the play-offs, giving a £17,000 head-start for next season AND generating some 2,600 free match tickets for NHS workers and carers. Thank you.

Having checked in with the generous AccessiBlues supporters from Birmingham City who’re sponsoring Harvey Wiles-Richards this Sunday, we thought we turn to supporters and some former players, closer to home, who’ve dug deep to help your Club. There’s not room to fit in comments from all 834 supporters and counting, but here’s a selection who expanded on why they wanted to be part of the campaign.

Pete McCormack: “The team had played so well to get a playoff spot that I had to back them to try and complete the job. These chances don’t come often. In lock down we needed something to cheer us up and a tilt at promotion was a perfect tonic.”

Alex Richards: “A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to attend El Clasico at the Nou Camp with my two boys. A truly fantastic experience. A month or two later we were at Twerton Park for the Bath City v Torquay match which City won 3-2. As we walked away from the ground my youngest said ‘that was better than watching Barcelona!’ And he meant it.

That is why I contributed to the appeal.”

Sam Finch: “When we heard the play-offs were back on it gave all of us a lift. The season had gone well and lockdown brought it to an abrupt end. It was amazing, but not surprising, that so much money was raised so quickly.
The club is a ‘family’ and we all stick together in good times and bad.
Everyone has missed each other and knowing we could play in the play-offs means everything so it’s no wonder so many people have got behind this appeal to make sure we have the best chance.
Through lockdown the updates from the club and messages from Jerry have kept everyone’s spirits up and we are all looking forward to the play-offs. We are all right behind the team. Good luck!!”

Mark Siddons: “As far as football is concerned season 2019/20 for Bath City has been an incredibly enjoyable one seeing Jerry and his staff put out teams, week in week out, that entertain the fans. Over this season we experienced a few lows and incredible highs but overall the team has performed consistently well playing really good football. That style of winning football not only kept Bath City FC at the top end of the table all season but also connected the fans with crowd numbers increasing and new supporters which make Twerton Park an enjoyable place to be on match day. The impact of COVID 19 suggested all the hard work from the Bath City family, team and fans had no football conclusion and it was just a reset for the next season leaving us empty. With the opportunity to compete in the ‘play-offs’ that energy and optimism has returned and it is with no surprise the positivity from our fantastic supporters, local businesses and those individuals/groups who want to see Bath City’s football team do well, that Crowdfunding has generated such an amazing level of donations. The generosity of fund raising has completely exceeded expectations and will not only enable the team to compete in the play offs for a promotion place in the National League but it will also fund team development in season 2020/21. Good luck to Bath City FC in the 2019/20 play-offs and thank you one and all.”

Rob Shepheard: “Bath City Football Club has always been a family orientated venue making everyone, including away supporters and first time visitors, welcome and valued.
This welcome is nearly always reciprocated when our supporters visit away grounds.
The fact that so many people who follow other clubs have engaged with our play-off appeal endorses this.”

Graham Abbots: “Since the transition to a community club, many supporters/friends of Bath City, from within the city of Bath and beyond, now feel part of the football club and would love to see the development of Twerton Park and further success on the park.
Supporters and others are now recognising the amount of hard work being put in at the club to take it forward to another level. Promoting sponsorships and the involvement with businesses, local schools and the community. The club is now very much seen as a “community club”.

On the “pitch” supporters have seen a transformation, new methods of coaching and style of play that has made the football a delight to watch. Team manager after-match communication in the lounges and the weekly email has bought added togetherness. Well done to Jerry and his team.

To me and many others supporters, match day at Twerton Park is not just to watch the game, it is also a time to meet our many friends. We call it, The Twerton Park experience !!!”

Gerry Dolan: “This pandemic brought home the importance of our football team. Without gate receipts their very existence could be in doubt so I, along with many others, was determined to play a part in ensuring City could get through this, participate in the play-offs, and go into next season in as good a position as possible. Exiled but always there in spirit.”

Steven Toogood: “We’re really excited to have backed the fundraiser to allow City to take part in the play-offs. The team has done tremendously well this year and some of the football has been a real pleasure to watch. The boys more than deserve to be here and are more than worthy of winning promotion, so it was only natural to back them. Up the City!”

Julie Williams: “As a long standing supporter of Bath City Football Club I felt I would like to contribute to help the club finance the play off games in their bid to reach the national league. The Crowdfunder is a great idea of the club in the current climate due to having no match day income.

I wish Jerry, Jim and the team good luck in their bid for promotion.”

Plus of course ex-players have contributed to the Crowdfunding Appeal including John Freegard, Graham Colbourne and Jon Holloway, and all have expressed their love of the Club and  fondly remember their playing days at Twerton Park.

If you haven’t done so already, you can still make donations at our Crowdfunder page.