New Season New Stripes

As we approach a new season that will hopefully bring normality back to Twerton Park, boss Jerry Gill and Assistant Manager Jim Rollo, joined by Bob Chester and Alan Casse, have rolled up their sleeves to help spruce the place up.

The managerial duo teamed up with Kellaway Building Supplies, of Lower Bristol Road, who gave the Club a great deal on paint, rollers and paintbrushes, and applied The Stripes to the rear of The Popular Side. We can’t wait for you all to see it for yourselves.

After Jerry suggested the idea, Bob Chester headed down to programme and hoarding advertisers Kellaway to discuss the project, and came back with the materials to decorate the pitch-length wall.

Bob commented, “the staff at Kellaway Building Supplies, at the Lower Bristol Road branch in Bath and also at the Horfield branch in Bristol, were exceptionally helpful and supportive – thanks to everyone at Kellaway for their support.”