Chair’s Update

Dear Supporters,

I just wanted to send a note out to say yet another huge thank you for your generosity and support for the recent Bath City Bounce Back Appeal. This will go a long way towards helping get us fully open again, having dealt with the issues raised during the Safety Advisory Group on their visit to the ground earlier in the year, along with the pitch work and fines.

And another “shout out” to the volunteers who rolled up their sleeves and helped with the physical preparation that we could do ourselves, so that we only had to outsource the more technical elements that needed external, and costly, expertise.

In terms of the redevelopment we are making quiet progress behind the scenes again. I think I have previously explained that Greenacre have brought in a very experienced development partner (McLaren Property) to work alongside them. McLaren already have a track record of successful work in Bath, having developed the student accommodation at Twerton Mill and Weirside Court.

We have now put in a joint letter to the Council Planners saying why we think we should be allowed student accommodation at Twerton in time to help with their local consultation taking place about changes to the Local Plan.

Looking to the field of play, Jerry and Jim are in good shape getting together a strong group of players, with the right blend of youth and experience to hit the ground running in July for the friendlies and then into another, hopefully “proper” full season!

Thanks again for your great patience and fantastic support through all of this.


Chair Bath City FC