Make it Yours – Become a BCFC Owner

Did you know that Bath City is owned and run by supporters just like you?

The club’s largest shareholder is a democratic fans’ group, the Supporters Society, which makes Bath City FC a community-owned club. This puts supporters at the heart of the club’s decisions.

Join the Society for just £5 a year, and you too can become an owner of Bath City FC.

Why fans like you have joined the Society

“By definition, football fans care passionately about their chosen team but community ownership further strengthens that bond between fan and club.” – Alex Radway, Society member

“People power. I like the idea of a community taking charge of its own assets, being empowered to influence change, and of any benefit generated being channelled back into that same community.” – Sally Harris, Society member

Get behind community ownership

Membership of the Society is open to all: whether you’ve supported the Stripes for half a century or half a season, you can play your part.

Members get regular updates on the club’s progress, elect six of the club’s nine directors, and can propose motions at the Society’s general meetings. The next general meeting is on Thursday 9 February.

Visit the Society’s website to find out more, or click here to join for just £5 a year.