Spectators Code of Conduct

Thank you for supporting the Club, especially during these unusual circumstances. In order to help us to carry out our responsibilities during the COVID-19 crisis while restrictions remain in place, we ask that as spectators, you carry out the following as suggested by the Sports Ground Safety Authority:

  • Please do not attend if you are showing any possible symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Please wear face masks when entering the turnstiles, moving around the stadium and using the toilet facilities. Unless holding an exemption.
  • Please do not touch any ball kicked into the stands. Dedicated ball retrievers are employed to collect balls and sanitise them prior to the ball being returned to the field of play.
  • Please comply with all requests from the stewarding team.
  • Please listen and comply with any PA announcements.
  • The bottom two steps by the pitch perimeter walls should be kept clear of spectators in order that they can be used by persons who are moving from one part of the Stadium to another.
  • Seating is limited and you will be guided by a steward to a suitable seat with social distancing in place.
  • Please do not sit on any seat with a red sticker.
  • Please remain in your seat at all times as much as possible.
  • If you wish to leave your seat at any time, please avoid face to face contact as you move past others who may be seated.
  • If you are standing, please be aware of the movements of others at all times.
  • Maintain good hygiene by using the hand sanitisers and avoid touching your face, handles, railings whenever possible and cover your mouth if you cough or sneeze.
  • Please be aware that you cannot smoke or vape in the ground because of COVID rules.
  • Avoid hugs, high fives and close contact with people who are not in your social bubble.
  • Take care when shouting, singing or celebrating.
  • Please use the catering and toilet facilities at staggered times and not all at half-time.
  • Failure to follow the Code of Conduct could result in being requested to leave.
  • Failure to follow the Code of Conduct could lead to you not being able to attend future Bath City matches and your details being passed on to the Police Football Liasion Officer. This could lead to a football banning order.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.