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Tara Taylor


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Playing history: I’ve been playing football for around 25 years now. Mainly for local teams but I had County try outs when I was younger. I’ve also played a lot of 5 and 6 aside with men’s teams.  

Best footballing memory: Playing at the new (not so new any more) mighty Wembley! We won the women’s regional competition for Umbro 5’s so got to play there. We had a coach take us in the way the professionals would enter, our kit was lined up in the changing rooms, we got called on the speakers walking out of the tunnel, and there were big screens around the stadium watching us play. I even got interviewed by DJ Spoony which was fun.

Footballing idol: So many inspirational women footballers but I’ve always loved Lucy Bronze. She’s so talented and solid.

How I spend my free time: I enjoy going to the gym but I’ve also written a few books which have been published. I also love training Chief, my BFG German Shepherd. I’ll never say no to going for food too!