Player Sponsorship

Player Kit sponsorship 2020-21

Player’s kit sponsorship is available for next season with a slight change – the chance to sponsor a player either home or away or both if you wish.

The cost of home sponsorship is £250 and the cost of away sponsorship is £125.

The person or business sponsoring a player will get the opportunity to meet the player and have a photograph taken with their sponsored player.

Frankie Artus
Pete McCormack, Gerry Dolan & Maurice Ashman Available
Dan Ball
Joy Pierce Oliver’s Army – The May Family
Jack Batten
Avon Garden Services Oliver’s Army – The May Family
Ryan Clarke
Richard Smith Yum Yum Thai
Tommy Conway
John Millard & Donna Swaby Available
Callum Evans
Chris Cridland Available
Will Henry
Yum Yum Thai Available
Lloyd James
Available Available
Simon Jenkins
Jerry Gill
Alison & Paul Gibbons
Freddie Grant
Christine Pierce Phil Dutton
Steve  Lock
Mervyn Pierce
Ryan Harley
Available Chris Cridland
Neil  Moore
Bob Chester
Jason Pope
Available Available
Joe Raynes
Barry Horler & Marg Helps “Every time, Ref !”
Tom Richards
Available Available
Jim Rollo
Ken Loach
Tom Smith
Eileen & Roger Wilsdon Jesse & Kelly Stollings
James Taylor
Available Available
Callum Watts
Available Available
Donovan Wilson
Chris Stone Alan Every
Paula & Leon Webb