Partnership Announcement

Bath City FC and Fitogether have signed a partnership agreement for the supply of GPS devices, associated software and technical support for the current season. By doing this, the club will be able to better analyze performance data of its first-team squad and develop metrics to be traced during training sessions and official matches.

Fitogether is a technology company, based in South Korea, that specializes in football data analysis. They develop and provide a portable EPTS (Electronic Performance Tracking System) solution for elite football leagues, teams, and players.

They are the official EPTS company of the Korean professional football league (K-league), and more than 100 clubs around the world are using Fitogether products.

Fitogether is a FIFA certified company and got the highest ratings in the last EPTS FIFA Quality Programme.

Taeryung Kim, Director, said, “With the Fitogether’s EPTS, it allows managers and coaches to evaluate the players’ movement scientifically, letting the staff have an objective set of eyes in both matches and training sessions.”

Jerry commented on the partnership: “We as a staff and players would like to thank Fitogether in supplying us with the GPS units, software and technical support for the upcoming season. It now allows us to monitor player loads in both training and games along with really drilling down in detail the physical requirements of specific player positions. It will also aid the medical and sports science teams in generating rehabilitation programmes along with data for injury prevention amongst the playing squad.”