Pandemic hero competition winners

Bath City Football Club, based in the heart of Twerton, is keen to celebrate and thank the wonderful ‘unsung heroes’ of the pandemic by telling their stories.

With the help of long-time Bath City Supporter and film director, Ken Loach, Bath City Football Club announced a video competition looking for young people to share their experiences of individuals who had gone above and beyond during the pandemic.

We are thrilled to announce two joint winners – Arlo Miller (aged 11) and Jude Shalaby (aged 12) who share the top prize of £100. The judges were particularly inspired with the stories of impact that shone through from the videos, the efforts of Arlo and Jude and the dedication and commitment in their heroes.

Arlo was keen to share the story of his Dad – Louie Miller – a nurse in a mental health hospital who has over 30 years of experience and worked throughout the pandemic until he unfortunately caught pneumonia and spent one week in intensive care. He battled through and as soon as he had recovered and was strong enough returned to continue the vital work for his patients. His video entry can be seen here:

Jude highlighted the work of her Guide leader – Emma Jennings – a Geriatric Doctor who worked through the pandemic at a local Bristol Hospital. Emma has a young family herself, and despite the demands of her job, took time to support 40 young teenagers by continuing to lead the local Guide group. Her video entry can be seen here:

Bath City Football Club will share the winning video entries through their BCFC media channels as a way of saying thank you to our local heroes. We are proud to share the stories of these two role models who both care immensely about the community and have prioritised the welfare of others over the last year.