Meet the Players – Omar Holness

This week, we catch up with Jamaican international midfielder Omar Holness and he talks about his recent injury set back, his international aspirations and the superb support enjoyed at Twerton Park this season.

Firstly, you have been out injured recently, how are you progressing?

“I’ve been out now for the past 3 weeks with an ankle sprain. There was some ligament damage that had taken a bit longer to heal than I initially anticipated, but fortunately I had a positive week of training and was in the squad against Maidstone and Dorking.”

This season has been an inconsistent one for Bath City, can you put your finger on why that has been the case?

“This season has certainly been an inconsistent one. I think it is really difficult to pinpoint one reason as to why we’ve been so inconsistent. Jerry has over the past few weeks tailored our analysis sessions in a more psychological manner, trying to pick our brains and answer that same question. What’s most important, however, is that we pick up as many points as we possibly can from these 15 games that we have left.”

On a personal level, how would assess your season to date?

“As I mentioned above, it has been inconsistent. Some good performances coupled with some really average/poor ones. I’m as honest as they come and I’ll admit to that. With 15 games left, it is so important to focus on each individual game as they come.”

Having arrived from National League North Darlington, how do the two leagues compare? Are there differences and similarities?

“The NLN and NLS are both extremely competitive leagues. I don’t consider any team to be an underdog in either of the leagues. The two leagues do differ, however, in their styles of play as a whole. The NLN in my perspective is a bit more physical than the NLS. In both leagues, teams will try to emphasize possessing the ball, but I do believe there are more teams in the NLS, than in the NLN, that try to adopt this style of play.”

Which players have impressed you the most since joining City last summer?

“Cody’s ability to score goals and Alex’s work rate and fitness are two key standouts for me. Not to mention Joe’s resilience and commitment to recover from what many would consider career threatening injuries; it was a pleasure to play alongside him in the middle of the park in our two wins against club rivals Chippenham.”

You have previously represented Jamaica on the international stage; do you still have aspirations to play more international football?

“I certainly have ambitions of representing Jamaica again. Representing your country is, or should be at the pinnacle of any football player’s dreams and aspirations. For me it is, and will be for as long as I remain playing.”

How is the mood in the camp at the moment? Is the goal of reaching the play-offs still attainable?

“The mood in the camp is still very optimistic. The goal at Bath City is and always will be to make the play-offs. It is though very important that we focus on each individual game as they come. Winning our next game should always be the priority.”

Finally, the supporters have been superb this season, how good have you found them personally?

“The fans have been superb this season. I can’t remember any home games without 1,000+ fans. What’s even more commendable to me, is that through these inconsistent spells, they have still been incredibly supportive and have been turning up in their numbers and supporting us. I want to extend a huge thank you to them from all of us.”