Lockdown tidy-up unearths vintage autographs and memories

Lifelong City supporter Terry Selway contacted us after rediscovering his schooldays autograph book.

While sorting out some drawers, I found my old autograph album. This contained the signatures of the BATH CITY F.C. players 1949-1950. I was 12years of age then and used to attend their matches. Having gone to West Twerton Boys School football was our main pastime. We had no T.V or mobile phones then, so football was our Saturday entertainment. I used to live in Loren Road, and Ernie Marshall used to lodge at number 49. and used to play for Bath City. I got to know him and he got the team’s autographs for me.

In those days for a young boy to see massive crowds all walking down the Lower Bristol Road from the station was amazing, especially on a Cup match or top of the league clashes. Also the panic and rush to get out when the referee blew the whistle.

Money was hard to come by then, I can remember going down at half time, when the gates were left open, just to watch the second half. There was no bend it like Beckham then, the ball was a lace-up, with a leather case, and when it got wet it was more like kicking a medicine ball. These were Happy Days.

I’m 83 now, and wonder how many of your readers can remember The 1949-1950 season?