GOLDLIN£ Lottery Winners – Week 17

After three £250 winners in the last month, we’ve gone one better this week with a City fan landing the second top prize of £500. Are you that lucky Roman?

In 32 draws the club has made £7635.80 and £4100 has been given out in prizes – so why not join in?

It’s just £4.34 per month by Standing Order and you’ll be in with a chance of winning £1,000 or 24 other prizes from £25 to £500. 70p of every £1 you stake goes direct to your Club and, if we could double our membership, we’d generate some £25k per year to support the team.

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If you are in the Goldline Draw and you change your address please could you let us know via  in order to keep all our records up to date.