Commercial Team News

We are delighted to announce a new commercial team which will allow us to build upon the many years of excellent foundations built by Bob Chester. The new members of the team bring a wealth of sales and marketing experience which will allow more time to be spent with customers, offer new media opportunities, and give Bath City more opportunities to develop new business, whilst complimenting the fantastic work of Bob Chester.

Peter Headington joins as Head of Partnerships and will help us develop existing partnership offerings. He brings 40 years of sales, marketing and senior leadership experience across the finance, IT & translation services industries.

Stewart Hyde joins as Head of Business Development and will focus on developing new business relationships. He is currently Southern European Sales Director for Dycem where he has an excellent track record of developing business and leading relationships.

Ian McKay joins as CSR consultant and will play a key role in developing the club’s CSR credentials working alongside the board. Ian brings a wealth of senior leadership experience across the charity, commercial and consulting sectors.

Rosie Jago joins as Head of Commercial Campaigns and will lead our media campaign delivery to commercial partners. She currently works at Yeo Valley where she has worked successfully on partnerships with third parties including Bristol City Women.

The team will begin to introduce themselves over the coming weeks as we look forward to developing our commercial plans with existing and potential commercial partners. Please join us in welcoming the new team members to the club family.


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