Club Update – League Fines

We are sorry to have to confirm that our appeal against National League fines, for not fulfilling fixtures earlier in the year, was unsuccessful.

The FA appeal board found in favour of the League and, furthermore, imposed £1,300 costs against Bath City FC on top of the £4,000 fines.

We regret they were unable to see the illogicality of apportioning financial fines against a club that was experiencing financial stress, nor in imposing suspended points deductions for failing to play games when the League was ultimately cancelled.

Lastly, we are sorry that the Club incurred further costs to compound the fines. We felt it was an important point of principle to appeal against what we considered to be unjust punishments and that there was the chance of them being reduced or overturned.

Thank you, once again, to everyone who contributed to the Bath City Bounce Back Appeal. While the fines and costs are not the way we would have liked to spend part of the money, your contributions have enabled us to get past this obstacle and focus on much more positive things for your Club.