City Squad Builder through first £5K

Since opening for donations on Friday, the 2023/24 City Squad Builder has already passed its first milestone, comfortably topping £5,000 of donations for the coming season.

In fact, as we write, it’s sitting at £8,715.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed already and we look forward to seeing more of you coming on board to help make this a successful season.

Here’s why some people have been making their contribution to our playing budget:

“Bath City FC is a club run by the fans. The success on the pitch is truly shared by all and is an achievement made by all. Some fans think they’re lucky to be owned & backed by multimillionaires, but a community club like Bath is where the true sense of achieving is found. The more the community comes together, the more we can achieve together.”

Damian Wager 

“We have been contributing since the Pledge began and just want to help the club keep going – up the City!”

Richard and Shirley Witty 

Join Damian, Richard, Shirley and many more in making your contribution to the City Squad Builder. Remember everyone who donates is also in with a chance of winning special prizes every month.

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