City look to build foundations for next season with Crowdfunder campaign extension

The Bath City Family and all our friends have helped us smash through our £35,000 target to enable your team to play in the National League South Promotion Play-offs – all in the space of four days. It means so much to Jerry, Jim and the team that you’ve dug so deep to give them and all of us a shot at promotion raising £41,457 so far. It also shows the true meaning of being a community-owned club that everyone’s taken the collective responsibility to enable the play-offs to take place, and made it possible to create 1,750 free tickets for our NHS Heroes. Thank you.

Now, with all this incredible momentum, we’d like to invite everyone to go a step further and look to next season – whatever division we’re in. With the cloud of Covid-19 hanging over us all, we know that next season will be a financial challenge for Bath City FC – just like every other club. We don’t yet know how many fans we’ll be able to play in front of or what our bar and hospitality arrangements will look like. But we do have to plan to be ready and Jerry needs to assemble our squad to compete.

So we’re asking you to keep pushing on with this amazing Crowdfunder campaign that has already demonstrated what brilliant supporters we have and what a special club Bath City FC is. We’ve had contributions from so many people close to the Bath City family, but also from people in the city who can see the good things we do, from fans of Bristol Rovers, Birmingham City and more who have a connection to the people and the place, and from people as far afield as the Portugal, the USA and beyond. Thank you all.

New stretch target
With over two weeks until our play-off match against Dorking, we’re now aiming for a stretch target of £50,000. A figure which will have paid for all the play-off costs and will give your Club a great start to prepare for the 2020-21 season. The extra £15,000 is roughly equivalent to three average match gate receipts and, as we write, we’re already over £6,000 towards that new target.

Rewards still available
Remember, there are still dozens of great Hero Rewards to select that can see you sponsor a player, have your personal flag at the ground, watch the first match online and more. With the commitment and generosity you’ve already shown, we really believe the Roman Army can get to that new level and help give the team firm foundations for next season.

Helping Carers as well as the NHS
And to keep showing our thanks to the true heroes of the Covid-19 crisis, we’re now extending our offer of free tickets to Carers, Health Visitors and Care Home Workers who’ve been on the frontline throughout. So for every £20 contributed over our original £35k target, we’ll set aside new tickets for those Heroes – up to 750 – to attend specially designated matches next season, kicking off with an extra big celebration of our NHS and Caring Heroes. We’ll look forward to welcoming everyone for a special thank-you.

Once again, thank you for all your donations – already made or yet to come. You’ve given your team the chance to compete for promotion, now please keep helping to give them a great platform for next season as well.

Find out more about the Crowdfunder campaign here.