City and Bath City Farm Announce Colla-boar-ation!

Bath City FC are delighted to announce that they have strengthened their ties with Bath City Farm in a partnership deal for the season 2021/22.

The Club’s neighbours Bath City Farm can be found nestled just above Twerton Park and are great friends of the club and a crucial part of the local community. General Manager Helen Fisher explains what they are all about: “Our mission is to build a strong, healthy and caring community by engaging local people with nature and farming and we do this by providing education, training, therapeutic activities, venue hire and events for the local community to reduce levels of deprivation.”

The Farm’s aims and values include:

  • Supporting disadvantaged and disabled people to develop new skills and confidence
  • Boosting emotional, mental, physical and social well-being
  • Inspiring environmental awareness and activity
  • Growing the number of people engaging in their community
  • Bringing enjoyment to the public
  • Educating people on farming and where their food comes from

Carole Banwell highlights that “So much of this chimes directly with our own vision at the football club.” She continued: “Like us too the Farm depend for their success on dozens of volunteers – and they attract around the same number of visitors to Twerton each year. So what better way to deepen our links than to promote them on club mascot Bladud the Pig’s strip for this season?”

For the whole of 2021/22 Bladud’s City shirt will proudly declare that he was “Bred by Bath City Farm”!

The Club and the Farm look forward to continuing to work together to promote their shared local ham-bitions, and to bringing more Bath City Farm animals along to Twerton Pork – sorry, Park – for the Club’s Community Day and Family Day later in the season as special guests to meet the fans!

For more information about Bath City Farm’s work contact General Manager Helen Fisher

For details on Bath City FC, and Bladud the Pig, contact his agent