Board response to Lottery grant and update for season ticket holders

The Board has this week welcomed confirmation of the Government brokered National Lottery support for National League clubs and is now able to announce an update for season ticket holders.

Chairman Nick Blofeld said:

“We’re really pleased with the National Lottery grant of £30,000 a month for three months that will ensure we can compete in the league and operate the business securely while fans aren’t allowed into the ground. While the grant is relatively “blunt” in its distribution, with some clubs doing well and some perhaps feeling a little hard done by, we are happy that it covers our needs during this period.”

But he went on to add:

“However, we continue to question why a safe number of spectators are not allowed into Twerton Park and other grounds, open air environments that allow for very safe social distancing, when other indoor entertainment venues can welcome visitors as well as lower league sports clubs with lesser capacity and outdoor entertainment destinations. We will continue to lobby for the return of spectators. #LetTheFansIn”

Subsequent to confirmation of this funding, the Club can now outline how it intends to handle the matter of season tickets that have been purchased, but cannot currently be used to watch matches in person.

First of all we’d like to reiterate our thanks to supporters for placing your money and faith with us. In these deeply uncertain times, your financial commitment has been a bedrock for our ability to assemble a squad and prepare to take part in the season. With ongoing uncertainty we ask that you allow us to retain your money on the following basis:

  1. We will give you free access to live streams of all home league matches this season
  2. We will give you a like-for-like discount against next season’s season ticket for all matches that fans are not permitted to attend this season. We have 20 home league matches, so each match represents 5% of your season ticket purchase. So, if we play behind closed doors for ten matches, we will give you 50% off your next season ticket. If the whole season in behind closed doors, next year’s season ticket would be free to you.
  3. If you don’t want to use the discount against next season’s season ticket, we will refund you 5% for each behind-closed-doors match at the end of the season. Or you can choose to leave the difference as a donation.

If you would prefer a full refund at this time, we do understand and will fulfil that, but please note that the free match stream will no longer be provided for you (although you will still be able to stream games at £6.99 per match). Click here if you wish to apply for a refund.

If we don’t hear from you, we will proceed as laid out in points 1-3, and contact you again at the end of the season.

As we’ve said, your financial support has been critical and we hope that as many of you as possible will leave your season ticket payment with us to help insulate the Club against any further adverse changes of circumstances.

Thank you for your support from everyone at Bath City FC.

Please note, we are conscious that we haven’t yet issued any partial refunds or shop vouchers that were promised at the outset of the season in relation to the reduction in number of matches from 23 to 20. We will deal with these in November now that we have greater clarity of the situation as a whole.