Bath Spa University to sponsor Twerton Park

We are delighted to announce an historic partnership with Bath Spa University as official sponsors of the club’s home, Twerton Park.  

Although the stadium will keep the name Twerton Park, the official title of the ground will be ‘Twerton Park in partnership with Bath Spa University.’  

This announcement signifies the start of an ambitious ongoing partnership between the club and Bath Spa University which includes work and volunteering opportunities for students and University staff, community engagement programmes, curriculum development and student experience initiatives.  

Bath Spa University will also sponsor Bath City Women’s teams for the 2023/24 season with their name appearing on the back of the shirts.  

Jerry Gill, Bath City FC Manager said: “To have a partnership with Bath Spa University is wonderful for our football club as its the nearest, most local University to the ground. The relationship is not just about playing football, it is about embracing the local community of which Bath Spa plays a big part. The Club has been here since 1932 and will remain to be known as Twerton Park, but it’s also important for Bath Spa University’s name to be recognized. To have such a strong partnership with our sponsors such as Bath Spa is vitally important because it helps us grow as a club, on and off the pitch. We’re not fortunate enough to be a football club where we’ve got huge benefactors, so we must find ways to generate interest and finances to remain here as a football club.”  

Jerry added: “Bath is a very sporty city and in recent years we have seen a growth in interest of people supporting their local club, I’ve seen the crowds increase and the attendance has gone up. Everyone is welcome at the stadium; students, staff, fans and by joining forces with Bath Spa University, hopefully Bath City FC can go from strength to strength.   

Hannah Whiting, Business Development Manager at Bath Spa University said: “We’re delighted to be launching this partnership with Bath City Football Club. It joins a long list of community and cultural partnerships we hold at Bath Spa, which we just hope will continue to grow as we embed ourselves even more in the local community.  Not only will we have opportunities for our students to be able to come in and work within the Club environment, but we also want local people to find ways to study at and work with the University.”     

“It’s not just about football. A football club is so much more than that, it’s a business, and it’s an important community asset. It’s a time when everyone comes together on match day, to meet each other, to interact and that’s so, so important. We hope our students and our staff will also be coming down so that they can all mix together and have a really great time.”  

“One of the other big benefits for our students is offering work experience opportunities, which is also something that really supports Bath City which is mainly run by volunteers. Our students will offer support and those extra pairs of hands, both on Match days and beyond. The partnership is also important for bringing an added dimension to our curriculum and there’s a wide range of different subjects that are going to be involved. We’re really excited and we hope that we will be able to support the football club as it moves its next chapter in its history.”  

Peter Headington, Bath City FC Director said: “We are absolutely thrilled to partner with Bath Spa University, which is sponsoring our home at Twerton Park and are also co-sponsors of our women’s football teams. Together we will be seeking to improve the student experience with opportunities for work experience, volunteering, playing football and much more. We want Bath Spa students to feel welcome at Bath City and to become part of our community while they study in the city.”  

Tom Gardner, Project Manager (Academic Planning) said: “An experiential element to our courses is vital for our students to build their confidence and apply their creativity and curiosity. It’s really what we’re about and forms a fundamental pillar of our education strategy. I’m thrilled that we’re able to apply this in a context so close to the University. We are providing fun, dynamic, and flexible opportunities to students that aren’t just formally integrated into their course. This partnership allows us to stand out as a university; it makes us shine a bit brighter.”  

“Our students will be applying their skills not just after they’ve studied, but whilst they’re studying, in a real-world scenario.  This will enable a positive student experience regardless of whether someone is volunteering for one day or across the whole season. There is a real breadth of student opportunity here, which is exciting.”   

Bath City FC, known as The Romans, was founded in 1889 and is owned by members of the local community through the Bath City Supporters Society. Twerton Park stadium has a capacity of over 4000 and sits in the heart of the Twerton community just 2.5 km from the city centre.  

The first game which will be played under the banner of the new partnership for the stadium and the University will be this Saturday 15th August, as Bath City Men’s first team play Maidstone United at home.