Bath City “Meet the Club” Evening

On Wednesday 8th April, Twerton Park played host to Bath City fans in a ‘Meet the Club’ Q&A session and season update from the Women’s and Men’s Managers, Club Captains and BCFC Board members.

With a fantastic turnout, both in person and online, the evening highlighted what a special club we have at Bath City –  with lots to celebrate, be proud of and look forward to.

Jane Jones, Matt Abreu and Tara Taylor opened the evening with an overview of the Women’s game and the tremendous success they have already enjoyed in just two seasons. With great attendances at matches compared to other teams in the same league, Jane spoke of her and Matt’s initial vision to create the same experience for Women players as Men at the club. Tara spoke with gratitude of her time at Twerton Park, confirming ‘everything that was promised, has been delivered’. The Women now face their final home match of the season on the 17th April and would love a big crowd to come along and support. Entry is free, kick off is 19.30.

Jerry Gill, Kieran Parselle, Paul Williams and Lee Williams explained their ongoing strategy of keeping the Men’s squad small, aiming for quality over quantity, but then trying to keep them all fit.  They spoke with pride about the closeness of the squad, on and off the pitch, their commitment to training and their ability to genuinely welcome new players into their tight knit group – something which is clearly paying off at games. The squad has endured 50% less injuries compared to last year –  testament to training, diet, the Club Doctor, and the quality and commitment of the players. Jerry continues to use data to analyse the opposition, for our own players’ performances and recruit new players, often at late notice, but keeping the balance between date and intuition.

Nick Blofeld, the Club’s Chair, took the opportunity to highlight to supporters that BCFC is run almost entirely by volunteers with just one full time member of staff (managing the bars!), yet the club is run very professionally – a credit to the commitment of so many involved, especially those who have shown such commitment for decades!

Next steps for the 3G and TP redevelopment were also discussed, and the Board and Jerry confirmed that the club’s ambition is always to push for promotion (despite any rumours to the contrary!) and get further in the FA Cup rounds. Simon the kit man was praised for his efforts and received a round of applause, and Jan got a big cheer for not only running the TR Hayes Lounge and bar so well, but also one of the toughest jobs – washing the socks!

It was a really enjoyable and useful evening, with the Board committed to doing these more regularly.