Bath City Italia launches

A group of Italian fans has come together to join the Supporters Society and be part of the Romans.

One of the founders, Dimer Barison, sent us this message:

“Good morning everyone! My name is Dimer and I decided, with the help of 4 other friends, to create and carry out an ambitious and stimulating Project. Our love for football has led us to dream of a winning path in the UK. Why exactly there? Simple…the United Kingdom is that beautiful Country where the scent of the magnificent meadows used for football is mixed with the love of the people for the colors of their team, forming a sensational union.

Even the smallest realities are managed with great professionalism thanks also to the timeless passion of the fans! This is one of the reasons we got interested in BATH CITY FC.

Why exactly the BATH? Bath plays in a beautiful scenario: the city is wonderful, and still has traces of the Roman domination, such as the beautiful thermal baths. The stadium is a beauty, located inside the town and usually with the presence of many fans ready to proudly support their team.

The bond that exists with our country (for example with the Lecco team) has also pushed us to support this club with conviction.

Furthermore, the possibility of becoming Fan-Owners with a small financial contribution has given us an extra incentive to tackle this sporting path with enthusiasm.

Our target, as Italian group, is to support the Club, promote Bath’s initiatives, possibly bring innovation by putting forward ideas and proposals, then actively participate in the life of the Club. We want to become the landmark of Bath in Italy!

We already have a facebook page open to all those who want to become fans and a private group to which only those who have at least paid the annual fee will be able to access and where we will “work” to bring ideas to the Club and discuss any votes proposed by the Club.

Hoping to create something great, we greet you with affection.

The Directors of Bath City Italia…Dimer, Alberto, Federico, Daniele and Thomas”

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