Bath City FC Privacy Policy

Data security protection

Bath City FC complies with the Data Protection Act 1998 and GDPR. We collect, store and use personal data carefully, and ensure that it is kept secure. As a rule we do not, and will not, pass the information that you give us to any organisations.

However, we may disclose personal information as part of a legal process, for example, in response to a court order.

How & what we collect

We collect the information requested by any of our web forms, together with any comments or ideas that you may send us. We also collect information about how people use our website. This is so we can continually improve our fan experience.

How to find out what data we have about you

You can e-mail us at

or write to:

Bath City F.C, Twerton Park, Twerton, Bath, BA2 1DB

Website security

We use secure pages (such as SSL) to encrypt sensitive customer information that you enter in our web forms before it is then sent to us. We store and manage this information securely to prevent unauthorised access.

What about e-mail?

In the case of marketing communications we will always allow you to unsubscribe from this form of communication.

‘Phishing’ is a term which refers to the illegal collection of personal information over the internet by criminal organisations or individuals pretending to be official companies. Frequently, this is by email.

Rest assured we will never ask you to email us any personal information, such as payment/financial details or your address! If you are ever concerned or unsure, please contact us first.

Privacy policy updates

We will update our policies on this page with the date of change.

External links

From time to time we include hypertext links to sites which are created by individuals and companies outside Bath City FC. We do this when there is a particular relevance to the topic you’re reading about. And whilst we endeavour to check that the content of these sites is suitable, we unfortunately cannot take any responsibility for the practices of the companies who publish the sites that we link to, nor the integrity of the content contained within them.

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